Certificate for driver’s license

Driver’s license certificate cost :99 € + office fee 21 € (on saturdays there is additional charge +15€)

From us you will receive a doctor’s certificate for your driver’s license easily with one visit.

The medical examination needed for your driver’s license certificate includes among other things, sight and hearing examinations, blood pressure measuring and general health estimation.

Book your appointment by phone, if you are over 64 years old. You will receive the certificate in paper form.

Take these with you to the appointment:

Take with you for example your blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring at-home-measuring information, and other common illness monitoring information, because they may not appear in the Kanta archives.

Take these with you as well:

  • A valid driver’s license or some other ID with a photo.
  • Glasses, if you use them. The sight examination cannot be done with contact lenses.

With your consent we are able to see your medical report from the national Health archive, which is a crucial part of the estimation.

In our offices you can pay ONLY with a bank card and a bill. A bill is possible when credit reports are OK. Certificate is given when the bill is paid. We will check the credit reports. We don’t accept cash for payment.