Book an appointment for a vaccination by choosing Hoitajakäynti (a nurse’s appointment) from the online booking or by calling 02007340 720.

We have the following vaccinations in our storage:

  • Hepatitus A + B 68 € (+ Vaccination fee 19 €)
  • Hepatitus A 68 € (+ Vaccination fee 19 €)
  • Encepur Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine 45 € (+ Vaccination fee 19 €)
  • Pneunomia vaccine (Prevenar) 93 € (+ Vaccination fee 19 €)
  • INFLUENZA VACCINE FluarixTetra (4-valent vaccine) NOW AVAILABLE. The total cost is 39 € (Includes the vaccine and the vaccination fee)

We can vaccinate 1–2 people on one nurse’s appointment. For the appointments reason, write what vaccine you’ll be getting and if there’s 1 or 2 people to be vaccinated.

The vaccination fee from one person / appointment 19 €

The office fees are not collectable from any nurse’s appointments. The appointment’s cost consists of the vaccination fee + the vaccination substance according to the list above.

Other vaccines

Call our appointment booking 02007340 720. If needed we will make an online prescription to the pharmacy (cost 2€ ). Book the appointment for injecting the vaccine at the same time. Bring the vaccine with you to the appointment. (Vaccine injection 19 €). You will be charged the prescription along with the vaccine, or if the patient doesn’t show up to the appointment for the vaccine, we will charge the prescription 20€.

Take your vaccination card with you to the appointment.